The Covid-19 blessing

As I sit here thinking about what’s going on in the world, I can’t help realize something. Covid-19 has done what we could not do ourselves. It has slowed down the world. It has forced people to pause and spend time with family. It has forced people to reflect and given people opportunities, although this may not feel that way for many right now. It has made people sit with themselves. For some, that is very uncomfortable, and is why they stayed so busy in the first place. But guess what? You can never escape yourself no matter how busy you are. My hope is that people take this opportunity to see what is really going on inside themselves. Some people will sit in front of the tv 24/7 watching the news and feeding their fears. Some people will take up that new hobby they have been wanting to do. Some people will reassess their jobs and lives. Some people will reconnect with the people that really matter in their lives. Some people will step up and help those in need. Some people will sit on social media and criticize others and the government. Some people will start to exercise more and meditate. What a rare opportunity this is, whether we currently see it or not. This is a chance to reassess the world, our lives and our society, and hopefully reenter the world in a much more connected and slower way. How are you going to spend this time, this second chance, this rebirth that we have all been given?

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