How is your past affecting your future?

The people in your life today are suffering because of reactions you have had to past relationships. How many people currently in your life are having to pay for the actions of the people in your past? We so easily and unconsciously bring our history in to our present. If someone cheated on you in the past, is your current partner paying for that with your immediate distrust? If you didn’t get the love you needed from your parents due to their personal addictions, are your kids paying for that with your inability to give them your full love as well? If your parents used food to cope with emotions and had health problems, are you now using the same coping mechanism and your family is having to now deal with your health issues? We are no longer that five year old that had to deal with their parents’ alcoholic binges, or the nine year old that was molested and not protected by our parents, or the nineteen year old that was cheated on by our significant other, but those issues are still alive and well and flourishing in our current relationships. Unless we stop to look at the patterns or take time to really get to know ourselves, we will keep playing them out in every new relationship we take on for the rest of our lives. These things were bad enough the first time they happened and yet we keep reliving them over and over every day in our present lives. The people dealing with your current thirty year old self are also dealing with the five year old that had trust and love issues, because we let that five year old run our current lives. Isn’t it time to deal with the past and put it to rest?

What if it is too scary? Well, isn’t it more scary realizing that that five year old is currently in charge of your life? Is a five year old capable of running a thirty year old’s life? Look at the current state of your life and relationships. Wherever you are struggling, that is where your inner child is leading your life right now. We need to love ourselves, accept our past situations and move forward in a healthy, cleansing way. So, think about this. What piece of your past is currently playing out in your current relationships? What age is the child that is currently running your life? Where are you still stuck? Bring it into the light, give it a big loving hug and let it go back to the past where it belongs. Stop trying to bring it with you in to your present. We cannot have the new, healthy, exciting life experiences that present themselves daily if we are so busy trying to drag our past forward with us. Think about how light you would feel if you could just drop that heavy bag from the past that you have been dragging along with you, right now. Let it go, drop it behind you, and run forward to your new, exciting future.

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