The Tale of a Government Run Society

This particular government has done such a good job over many years of creating a sense of need and dependency from its people. It starts at a young age. They teach the people that their kids are better off being raised by a government institution than by their own biological parents. So the people abandon their kids every day to this institution expecting this system to raise their kids. They leave the development of their child’s sense of self and their worth to this system. A system that looks at their kids as a number and is mostly filled with strangers who are unhappy with their jobs. Then the people are shocked when within this system there are child abusers and killers. How could this exist in this perfect, government run, anonymous, bureaucratic system? Meanwhile the people are off trying to earn money, because they are told that is where they will find their happiness. They leave their kids with the government institution while they go out and try to find the happiness they never received as a child because they were raised in the same faceless system. But they are hoping this system can give their kids the thing they never got from it, self-worth. Once the kids are done with twelve years of this institution it is then off to a state run university. Since this is the only way to earn the money that will one day make them happy. After usually going in to a lot of debt they now have a piece of paper that says they survived the university and are worthy of working for a company and earning the money that will make them happy. What they soon tend to find out is they don’t like the job or the company they work for, but they need to keep making the money that will one day make them happy. So they stay and wait for their happiness to show up. Before they know it it is time to retire and they still have not found their happiness. Since they did not make what they felt was ‘enough money’, they don’t have much saved in their retirement account to live on after their retirement comes. So they once again expect the government to pay for them to live in their retirement years. When the government checks are small and they have used the people’s retirement money elsewhere the people are shocked. How could this happen in this perfect, government run, anonymous, bureaucratic system? Meanwhile, their kids are now out of school, in debt, working in the workforce and searching for their happiness that will one day come from the money they are making. The End.

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