Failure doesn’t exist

Imagine what life would be like if we truly believed this? Failure is just a made up word that we give way too much power to. What is failure by definition? ‘Lack of success’ or ‘the omission of expected or required action’. We seem to set these arbitrary guidelines of ‘when I achieve this I will consider myself successful’ or ‘when I don’t do this I will consider myself a failure’. We can only fail when we have set an expectation for ourselves. This applies to others as well. If they don’t meet our expectation they have failed. It is extremely subjective. If we ‘fail’ at something it is because we chose not to do it (whether consciously or unconsciously) or we didn’t have the required skill set at the time. When we label it as a failure we set ourselves up for disappointment, belittling and blame. What if we looked at it for what it is? An opportunity to learn and grow. If we don’t achieve something we wanted to achieve, we can either cross it off our list because it is not worth our time, or we can practice or get the resources required to make it happen. Any of those options is better than the self-hatred we create when we consider ourselves failures. Imagine what your life would be like if you took the word failure out of your vocabulary. I challenge you to try this. What would you do different? What would you now try? Can you see all of the new opportunities? Make today the day that failure no longer exists!

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