Unlearning what we know

“Knowledge is the obstacle to wisdom.” I read this and it really stuck with me. Life isn’t just about learning new things, it is also about unlearning. Unlearning bad habits, unlearning thoughts that have limited us, unlearning our old stories so we can make new ones, unlearning who we think we are. When we have the courage to question our lives we give birth to new ways and opportunities. Why do I eat that if it makes me feel sick? Why do I do that if it is hurting my body? Why do I believe that if it is causing separation in my relationships? Why do I say these mean things to myself if they make me feel bad about who I am? When we can do this, we can see how absurd some of the things we do, think and believe are. Then with that little bit of light, that little bit of insight, we can unlearn those things that are holding us back from truly experiencing life to its fullest. We can start being true to ourselves and others. When we take off our blinders we can see so many more options and opportunities. We can see that we truly have a say in our lives. Some people find this responsibility scary, while others find it liberating. Fear is not something to be feared. With change comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes fear. With fear comes opportunity. Embrace the change, don’t run from it. Stop telling yourself stories of doom and start telling yourself stories of hope and possibilities. It is time we started to unlearn so we can be who we truly were meant to be. What will you unlearn about your life today?

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