What happens to ‘me’ when I set my spirit free?

This was my ego’s fear. This is what was holding me back. I felt like a child tightly holding on to a toy that I no longer played with, but could not let go of. Letting go of old concepts and beliefs allows for room for growth, expansion and new opportunities. So why do we fight so hard to hold on to old beliefs that no longer serve us? We are scared of how the new ‘me’ will fit in to our new reality. We cannot give control over to the unknown even though we are currently living in denial of being in the unknown. We trick ourselves in to believing we have control. It is a trick. We do not have control over anything except our ability to shed our false selves. As long as we ‘feel’ we can control our outside world, we don’t have to deal with our inside world. What we don’t realize is that if we deal with our inside world we no longer feel the need to try to control the outside world. Things can be as they are, people can be who they are and we can live and take action from our truth. The truth that we can give ourselves everything that we need. We are not dependent on others for our happiness. We can create better relationships based on true compassion and connection instead of ego gratification. We can make the changes we need to make in our lives and our world based on clarity and not fear. It is time to let our ego have a rest and take the backseat instead of being the main driver of our minds. Only then can we fully let our spirits rise and truly experience all the blessings and abundance the universe has to offer us.

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