Homeschool blessings

As my son reaches adulthood, I was reflecting on all the blessings we have had along our homeschooling journey. I wanted to share them with you as a glimpse of what a blessing this experience can be.

1. I got to watch him grow and thrive in a safe environment.
2. I got to observe him follow his interests and passions.
3. I got to help him recognize and navigate through his feelings and emotions.
4. I got to create a strong and unique bond with him by always being available for him.
5. I got to witness him become a strong, independent, confident person by providing a nurturing environment.
6. I got to be a part of all of the new things he experienced along his journey to adulthood.
7. I got to be the one to help him make the important decisions in his life because he wanted me involved.
8. I got to guide him through all of his new learning experiences.
9. I got to be present at all of his big accomplishments.
10. I got to be blessed by all of the things this wonderful boy has taught me by being open to them.

Sometimes we forget to look past the academics at all of the other many blessings homeschooling can bring. As long as we are present, available, open, loving and nurturing we can have a huge, positive impact on these lives we were blessed with guiding in this world. I had the fortune of befriending this strong, smart, articulate, well-rounded young man in his journey to figuring out who he is and what he wants for his life. For that I am truly blessed to have been my son’s teacher and guide.

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