A lesson from Twilight

Okay I may be ‘out of the loop’, but I just recently watched the Twilight movie series. I was never interested in the series before or even ever wanted to see it, but I happened to be watching t.v. one weekend when they were having a Twilight marathon and playing all of the movies. Luckily, I turned to the station right when the first movie was beginning….and I was hooked. We all have a person, a book, a movie that we experience in life that changes us. This was one of those movies for me. In particular, I think it was Edward’s character. Not in the ‘Robert Pattinson is so hot’ kind of way or the fantasy of the story kind of way, but in a humanity kind of way. In Edward’s character I saw true, unconditional love. This is not the kind of love where we have an agenda or expect something from others in return. It is a kind of selfless, pure love. I think few people actually get to experience this. Unfortunately, we have very few people in our lives that can model this for us. So if we can come to this place in our lives it is usually through a lot of self work and care. Since it is so rare to witness, I think that few people believe in it or feel that it is even attainable. It may mean you are soft, weak, naive. However, when we do witness it we see that there is nothing stronger and more powerful. I left this movie having a new hope, a new goal. To try to make all of my relationships more meaningful and more selfless. It will take some work and a changed mind set, but I think it is worth it. So here is my question to you. What is one thing you can change in your relationships to make them more loving?

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