The Golden Rule

If you believe in the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and you believe there is something more to this life than just our physical bodies, then I have a challenge for you. Think about the group of ‘others’ you judge and fear the most. This could be Muslims, Christians, black people, the homeless or Mexican people. It could even be another species like pigs, cows, or chickens. Or it could be women or children. The group that you think is ‘other’ or ‘less than’. Now, go out and find one to befriend. That’s right, be friendly. Treat them like a friend.

How do you do that? Be kind, show interest, learn about who they are (from them). What you will find is that they are more than this label you put on them. They are not scary or more unimportant than you. Even pigs and kids. Pigs are extremely intelligent. We would see this if we actually spent time with them. Children are wiser than we think. We can learn a lot from them if we actually befriend them and not try to rule them.

Why let the media and others influence our beliefs? Don’t you want to be in control of what you are thinking? Have you even made an effort to get to know anyone from this group that you have such strong feelings about? Really get to know them; talk to them like a friend? So who has shaped your beliefs? A stranger on TV? Our families’ history and beliefs? Stop inheriting other people’s thoughts and find your own.

I can hear a lot of yeah……but’s. There are no yeah….buts. Stop being scared and just go out and do it. The only thing you are scared of is your thoughts about this group. Stop making them more important than you. By making this group less powerful, making them one of you (a friend), you can let go of the power you gave them. You will see there is no need for fear, anger, or guilt. There is only a need for compassion and love. We all want compassion and love. So, go out and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Are you up for the challenge? I would love to know how it affects your life. It can be life changing!

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