I read something the other day that really affected me. I know something affects me when I catch myself shoving chocolates in my mouth (another thing I am unlearning, but at least conscious of now). It was – ‘become willing to hide nothing.’ That statement is very freeing. It almost has a nakedness or a shedding kind of feeling. Letting it all go and being real, honest, vulnerable. It is something I have unconsciously been working towards. I always thought it was refreshing to meet someone who was ‘an open book’ or could effectively ‘speak their mind.’ I am still trying to wrap my mind around this, but in the big picture it makes perfect sense to me. Lies and secrets tear us down. Breaking down the walls and just letting love shine through seems like a much better use of my time.  Not just towards family and friends, but to everyone I come in contact with.  This is an area I had been working on. It seems now that I need to make it a real priority. Unfortunately for me, it is about unlearning things I learned when I was younger. Fortunately, that is not a deal breaker. I have unlearned and redirected many areas of my life. It is never too late to make your life more peaceful and joyful. How about you? Does this touch something in you? How has hiding things affected your life? Let me know what you think.

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