Help for election ‘blues’


This election has been very interesting and eye opening for me. It has really allowed me to take a look within myself. Anyone who has been on social media has seen all of the fear and anger that is being posted. This has been a great opportunity for me to see where I am in my growth process. Could I read these posts and not get emotionally triggered? Would I allow someone else’s words/thoughts to determine my emotional state? It is very freeing when you can walk away from reading a bunch of emotionally charged posts without them changing your thoughts/emotions. Now, there are many people who are wanting change and there is nothing wrong with that. If change is needed and it is agreed by the majority, then there needs to be a movement for that change. However, violence, name calling, and scare tactics are not the right tools for the kind of change that needs to be made and they don’t solve the problem. They are just excuses for people to project on to others the unhappiness they are feeling inside but don’t know how to effectively deal with. Change has to begin within ourselves before we can ever make any real changes in the world. This concept used to be hard for me to grasp, but with the right techniques and enough practice, they are life changing. No matter the outcome of the election, either way there were going to be people who felt sad, angry and/or scared. However, instead of getting caught up in all of the negativity, here are some questions we really need to be asking ourselves after this election:

How can I positively and effectively make a change in this world?
How am I more similar to the people I am judging than I am different from them?
Where in this world is love needed the most?
Am I expressing myself without trying to change others or make them feel bad about themselves?
What are the things I am grateful for about this country?
Am I focusing on the good in others or the bad?
What am I modeling for the people who are following and/or watching me? (i.e. ‘friends’ on social media, my children, etc.)

Changing our focus can help us get back on track and make any necessary changes (either internally or externally). Do you need help dealing with some of the emotions you are feeling? I would love to help you work through them so you can get your life focused and moving in the right direction.

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