The pressure of passion

Miranda passion

I had a very interesting conversation with my husband recently. As I am getting closer to finishing my certifications, I have seen some recurring themes in my studies. One goes something like this …..find your passion, follow your passion, everyone has a passion. For many that is very inspiring, however, for a lot of people that produces fear. What if I don’t have a passion? What if I can’t figure out what my passion is?

My husband introduced me to a new way of thinking about this. What if we are putting too much pressure on ourselves to figure out our passion? What if your passion isn’t even a physical goal, like a job? Your passion could be to always do your best at whatever you are doing. It doesn’t have to be a magical job or some huge physical goal. If your passion is to always do your best, then the job itself or the goal itself isn’t as important. Always doing your best is not as easy as it may sound either. It is a great way of connecting to the present moment, and being present is a way to connect with what inspires us.

So, why do we tend to think our passion has to be some grand achievement? If it turns out to be, that is great. However, everyone is necessary to our society. Do we need doctors? Yes. Do we need computer programmers? Yes. Do we need janitors? Yes. We need people with all different skill sets, desires and drives. There is no one answer or one ultimate goal. We are all necessary and important. So if your passion ends up being something like always doing your best, then you will be happy and successful anywhere.

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