Refinding your passion

Miranda ocean-mountain

When I was a young girl, I used to write poetry all of the time. I guess you could say it was my creative outlet. Honestly, I don’t remember why I stopped. I truly loved expressing myself through poetry. I guess ‘life’ got in the way. Anyway, I have recently found myself randomly coming up with poems in my head. It feels like home again. It is almost a relief. I found myself over the years, remembering my younger years of poetry writing, but never being able to connect again with that passion. Everyone has a creative outlet. Some have many. It feels so natural and welcoming. It almost feels like I am connecting with that innocent child again.

The other morning I woke up and was thinking about my husband. He is truly a wonderful man. In my thoughts about him, a poem appeared in my head. Of course this poem could be for anyone. He was my inspiration though. After I wrote the poem down on paper and was looking at it, I realized you can also substitute the word ‘you’ for the word ‘I’. How powerful is that? Try reading the poem both ways.

You Deserve –

You deserve all the joys and blessings this great Earth brings,
You deserve to experience the beauty and awe in everything.
You deserve the mountains and oceans and rainbows in the sky,
You deserve to take off and fly.
You deserve to live this life to the fullest until the end,
All of this and more you deserve, my friend.

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