Many lives – one lifetime

Miranda butterfly

‘We live so long that many lives are lived in this one life’.  Catherine Ann Jones wrote this.  This really hit me.  We live many lives in one lifetime.  It is up to us not to get stuck along the way.  It is part of our evolution to evolve as our life unfolds. There are many people who get stuck in one point in their life and have trouble evolving in to the next phase.  Sometimes we chose these phases and sometimes they chose us.  We tend to label some of these changes as bad because we are not focused on the big picture.  One example is when our children grow up and move out.  Some people stay stuck and don’t want to let their children move on, but this is part of our evolution and theirs.  Another example is if we lose a job.  We get caught up in why this is a bad thing instead of seeing it as our evolution to the next phase of our life.  If someone is really successful at something and they have achieved high recognition, they can get stuck there as well, because they may not want to let that part of their life move on and evolve to the next phase.  We will not always be the victim or the victor.  We will be both many times.  We will always have shifts in our life as we grow and evolve.  It is being open to this change that will keep us from getting stuck in one place.  One phase is not better than another, it is just part of the journey and experience that is our lifetime.  Actively participating and enjoying it is the key to letting it flow naturally and being able to fully experience all of the lives that unfold as we spend our time on this Earth.

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