What if…

Miranda Harris heaven

I started to wonder what would happen if everyone woke up from the hell they were creating for themselves?  What if we dropped all of the anger, resentment and fear?  What if we realized and stopped all of the drama we were bringing in to our lives?  What I saw was a beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world where people worked together, helped each other, and loved all.  There would be no differences or inequalities, just appreciation and gratitude.  It would not be me against you; it would just be us.  Everyone would look out for the benefit of all, not just themselves.  We would all trust each other and no one would have to worry about being forgotten, alone or going hungry.  Everyone would freely pursue their passion and encourage others in the pursuit of theirs.  People would love themselves and take care of their bodies.  Everyone would live in the knowledge of abundance and not the fear of lack.  We would all take care of and love the planet we inhabit.  We would respect all living souls.  We would feel appreciated and a part of one… one collection, one mind, one world.

It made me wonder.  Is this our goal as an enlightened society?  Should each of us be working in this direction?  Is that the ultimate plan?  It was a wonderful image and a world I would definitely want to strive for and be a part of.  This would be the kind of world I would want for my children to inherit.  This would be something I would feel blessed to contribute to.  I believe this would be heaven on earth and this is where our true energy should be spent.  Each generation making the world a better place and leaving it better than when we, ourselves, inherited it.  It all starts with us.  We don’t have to wait for anyone else.  Let’s all bring our love and light in to our every day activities to slowly create the building blocks for this amazing world.

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