Can I homeschool?

Miranda school

My answer to this question is, “Of course.”  Let me explain.  When people find out I homeschool, I get all kinds of reactions.  Some people are curious, some people immediately dismiss their ability to do this, and some people show signs of hope.  Whether someone will actually pursue it depends on where these people are in their lives.  It depends on the person’s sense of confidence and self respect, because you can do anything you set your mind to.  It depends on whether the person is working, although there are many working parents that homeschool.  There are even single mothers that home school.  It depends on how giving you are.  Homeschooling is a giving practice.  You have to give your time and your presence and you have to make your kids a priority.  It depends on how motivated you are.  Are you happy with your current school system?  Is it working for you and your child?

From my experience, anyone can homeschool.  I think the determining factor is the reason behind the curiosity and questions.  If you are confident, innovative, giving and determined enough you will figure out a way to make it work.  However, if you have not reached this point then this may just be an information gathering session so if you do reach that point you will know that this is something you can do.  Times have changed.  You can even get your college education on line now.  We have to stop living with old notions and ideals and see that change isn’t our enemy.  Change is what you make of it.  My children have so many more opportunities than I ever did.  I think it is amazing and I plan to take advantage of them.  If your current school situation isn’t working, there are other options. Don’t feel stuck.  If it is working, then know that if things ever change (as they do with schools), you CAN do this.

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