A clue to happiness

Miranda Harris happy

It is my belief that we are all trying to find a way to a happier life. We are all at different levels in this search. I realized that in my search I had spent a lot of time analyzing and noticing when I did not feel happy. This has helped me grow a lot and helped me get past some blocks that I had subconsciously created. However, I recently realized that it was now time for me to focus more on what it was that triggered my happiness. I know that true happiness comes from within ourselves and nothing outside of us should be able to change how happy we are. This is a good principle to live by. Achieving this constant happiness, however, can be challenging.

So, I decided a good place to start was analyzing my happy times. More specifically, noticing when I am happy and figuring out what about this moment is triggering my happiness. This is what I did with my unhappiness, so I need to look at the other side. This is a good starting place until we can get in the habit of being more in the present moment continually. If we can start to notice our happy moments and why we see them as happy, we can strive to continue these experiences. Maybe most of our happy moments are just being completely present in what is currently going on in front of us. By noticing this, we can realize this is what is causing our happiness and try to practice it more often. Maybe we experience true happiness when we play and listen to music. By noticing this, we can make a conscious effort to incorporate that in to our lives more. By noticing these moments and realizing what it is that brings them about, we can start to transform our lives. By transforming our lives and living happier, we are able to share our happiness with others and spread it around. This is a much better thing to share than fear, anger or insecurity. Good luck on your journey.

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