Why am I here?

Miranda Harris world

For a long time I struggled with trying to figure out what my purpose is in life. What am I supposed to be doing? Why am I here? I think this is something most of us go through. And like me, you probably had these grandiose ideas of what your contribution should be. Things like, write a best selling novel, be the most famous YouTuber, create an engineering concept that would change our lives. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great, but those are big shoes to fill and that can get stressful. When we feel like our calling is something that big, we miss the other opportunities. We may also start to judge ourselves harshly if we don’t meet these expectations. The more I thought about these questions, something came to me. “Do more good than bad.”

That sounds like such a simple concept in theory. Constantly putting it in to practice may not be so easy. What this means is, instead of being rude to someone who may be showing you their anger, show them your love. Instead of judging and condemning someone, show them compassion. Instead of assuming the worst about people, see God’s light in them. This includes your spouse, your children, anyone you come in to contact with, and yourself. It is very important that we show ourselves unconditional love. This is something a lot of us are not used to, but this is everyone’s calling. Now, from this you may create a best selling novel or that engineering concept that changes the world, but this is your true calling. If you can practice this every day, you are one of the most successful people in the world. What this world and each one of us really needs is more love and connection. By showing love to everyone you meet, you will change the world.

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